2015 Australian Open Championship Day 1 Session 1

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The first session of the 2015 Australian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships has wrapped up at the O’Brien Group Arena in Melbourne. The highlight of the morning’s racing was the senior 1500m final which saw Australian Champion Pierre Boda up against former Australian Champion Lachlan Hay, with Boda emerging victorious.

Nippers 333m

The first final of the Championships was the Nippers 333m and was taken out by New Zealand’s Leona Jones in 43.774 seconds. Jones led from the outset and held off fellow New Zealander Devin Joyce from Hauraki who was second in 45.830. Sydney’s Hannah Taleb was third in 48.979 and a fall cost Arjun Mootoosamy a place, finishing fourth.

  1. Leona Jones (CAISC)
  2. Devin Joyce (HIRC)
  3. Hannah Taleb (Arrows)

Midgets 500m

Christian Tan got a good start in the Midgets 500m final to give him a significant lead. With one lap to go he had half a length on the other skaters and won convincingly in 56.756. Taking second place was Jean-Baptiste Donnelly in 1:01.018, with Amelia Sykes third in 1:01 424and Aleksandr Kudriavtcev was fourth.

  1. Christian Tan (Arrows)
  2. Jean-Baptiste Donnelly (OSF)
  3. Amelia Sykes (CAISC)

Seniors 1500m

Reigning Australian Champion Pierre Boda retained his 1500m title, taking out the race in a tight finish with former champion Lachlan Hay. Boda held back for most of the race, making his push to join Hay at the head of the pack with a couple of laps to go. He held on for the win in 2:34.773 with Hay just behind him in 2:35.532. Sydney’s Keanu Blunden was third in 2:37.149.

  1. Pierre Boda (OSF)
  2. Lachlan Hay (OSF)
  3. Keanu Blunden (Arrows)

Masters 1500m

Russell Collins from Olympic Southern Flyers took an early lead in the Masters 1500m final but was soon caught by the pack and couldn’t hold his lead. Tim Davids took the lead with five laps to go but was closely followed by Herbie Labiche who chased down the lead and was in front with two laps to go. Three-time Olympian Danny Kah was on Labiche’s tail and looking for the win before crashing on the final straight. Labiche took the win in 2:39.652 ahead of Scott Weekes in 2:40.254 racing in Masters for the first time. Davids was third in 2:40.260\.

  1. Herbert Labiche (Roos)
  2. Scott Weekes (Arrows)
  3. Tim Davids (Roos)

Juniors 1000m

The Juniors 1000m final was won by Joshua Kah of the Olympic Southern Flyers. Kah took a convincing lead on the bell lap and held on to win in 1:47.572 ahead of Jonathan Lam in 1:48.156. New Zealand’s Mikayla Biggs was third in 1:48.327 ahead of her teammate Lily Taitamu who was fourth.

  1. Joshua Kah (OSF)
  2. Jonathan Lam (Arrows)
  3. Mikayla Biggs (HIRC)

Subjuniors 777m

New Zealand’s Ethan de Rose of the Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club won the Subjunior 777m final with a time of 1:18.793. Picking up second place was Kieran Guan of the Sydney Arrows (1:20.793) ahead of his teammate Chloe Tan (1:24.366). Vicko Phoon, also of the Arrows was fourth.

  1. Ethan de Rose (CAISC)
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows)
  3. Chloe Tan (Arrows)

Midgets 2000m Relay

The Midgets 2000m Relay was won by the Sydney Arrows ahead of the Olympic Southern Flyers.

  1. Sydney Arrows (Arjun Mootoosamy, Hannah Taleb, Christian Tan, Charley Huang)
  2. Olympic Southern Flyers (Zoe Gatiatoullina, Stephanie Lee, Jean-Baptiste Donnelly, Pierre-Eloi Donnelly)

Juniors 3000m Relay

The Sydney Arrows won the Junior 3000m with their A-team of brothers Keanu and Denali Blunden as well as Liam O’Brien and Jonathan Lam. The team crossed the line in 4:30.604 to hold off the Olympic Southern Flyers who were second ahead of New Zealand’s Hauraki who were third. The second Sydney Arrows team was fourth.

  1. Sydney Arrows 1 (Keanu Blunden, Denali Blunden, Liam O’Brien, Jonathan Lam)
  2. Olympic Southern Flyers (Jordan Attwood, Joshua Kah, Julia Moore, Skyler Kah)
  3. Hauraki (Lily Taitimu, Mikayla Biggs, Zac Biggs, Jason Clague)