2015 Australian Open Championships Day 1 Session 2

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The second session at the 2015 Australian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships was the sprint racing. The senior 500m saw Alex Bryant take his first title of the event, edging out his more favoured rivals Pierre Boda and Lachlan Hay.

Juniors 500m

The first final of the afternoon session was the Junior 500m, won by Joshua Kah in a time of 46.046. It was the second win of the day for Kah, who earlier also won the 1000m. Malaysia’s Ariff Rasydan Mohamed was second in 48.165 with Jordan Attwood second in 48.294. Mikayla Biggs was fourth.

  1. Joshua Kah (OSF)
  2. Ariff Rasydan Mohamed (ISAM)
  3. Jordan Attwood (OSF)

Subjuniors 333m

New Zealand’s Ethan de Rose won the Subjuniors 333m in 33.619 ahead of Kieran Guan (34.059) and Edison Lam (35.569). Katie Fabian was fourth.

  1. Ethan de Rose (CAISC)
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows)
  3. Edison Lam (Arrows)

Midgets 222m

Christian Tan picked up his second title of the day when he took out the Midgets 222m in a time of 25.204. He edged out New Zealand’s Michiel Van Heyningen who was second in 25.380. Charley Huang from the Sydney Arrows was third in 27.379 with Amelia Sykes in fourth.

  1. Christian Tan (Arrows)
  2. Michiel Van Heyningen (CAISC)
  3. Charley Huang (Arrows)

Nippers 111m

The one-lap dash for the nippers saw Devin Joyce take out the A Final in a photo finish ahead of Hannah Taleb. Joyce clocked 16.748 with Taleb just a breath behind in 16.783. A fast finishing Arjun Mootoosamy was third in 16.919 with Amanah Taleb fourth.

  1. Devin Joyce (HIRC)
  2. Hannah Taleb (Arrows)
  3. Arjun Mootoosamy (Arrows)

Seniors 500m

The 500m dash was a race between Pierre Boda, Lachlan Hay, Keanu Blunden and Alex Bryant. In a race that relies on speed over tactics, Boda came out front early and was tailed for much of the race by Hay and then Bryant. The pack tightened on the bell lap though and there was little separating the three skaters. In the end it was Bryant who emerged victorious, skating a fast 42.712 to win the race and take the title from Boda who settled for second with Hay third.

  1. Alex Bryant (OSF)
  2. Pierre Boda (OSF)
  3. Lachlan Hay (OSF)

Masters 500m

Scott Weekes made his mark in his first Masters 500m race, winning in an exciting finish in 47.882. Tim Davids led for much of the race and Herbie Labiche made a few challenges but it was Weekes who steadily came round the outside on the bell lap to take the lead and the win. Danny Kah was fourth.

  1. Scott Weekes (Arrows)
  2. Tim Davids (Roos)
  3. Herbie Labiche (Roos)

Subjunior 2000m Relay

The Sydney Arrows team 1 took top honours in the Subjunior 2000m Relay. Coming in second was Olympic Southern Flyers with the Sydney Arrows team 2 coming third.

  1. Arrows 1 (Denali Blunden, Chloe Tan, Kieran Guan, Edison Lam)
  2. OSF (Stephanie Fabian, Ryan Justice, Max Solin, Katie Fabian)
  3. Arrows 2 (Charley Huang, Vicko Phoon, Arjun Mootoosamy, Christian Tan)