2015 Australian Open Championships Day 2

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It was a fairytale comeback for Lachlan Hay on the second day of the 2015 Australian Open Championships, taking the 1000m national title.

Juniors 777m

The first final of Day 2 was the juniors 777m and was taken out by Joshua Kah in a race that saw numerous late leader changes. Jonathan Lam raced from the front for much of the race but couldn’t hold his lead to the finish line to be second (1:19.851). Ariff Rasydan Mohamed fell on the final turn but finished third in 1:36.102 after New Zealand’s Lily Taitimu received a penalty.

  1. Joshua Kah (OSF)
  2. Jonatham Lam (Arrows)
  3. Lily Taitimu (HIRC)

Subjuniors 500m

New Zealand’s Ethan de Rose won the Subjunior 500m title in a convincing time of 48.888. He finished ahead of Kieran Guan (50.255) and Edison Lam (51.979) both of the Sydney Arrows who were second and third respectively.

  1. Ethan de Rose (CAISC)
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows)
  3. Edison Lam (Arrows)

Midgets 333m

Michiel Van Heyningen won his first title of the competition when he took out the Midgets 333m on Day 2. The skater from Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club finished first in 35.543 ahead of Christian Tan (36.116) and Charley Huang (40.300). Amelia Sykes was fourth.

  1. Michiel Van Heyningen (CAISC)
  2. Christian Tan (Arrows)
  3. Charley Huang (Arrows)

Nippers 222m

New Zealand’s Leona Jones won the Nippers 500m title in 29.927 ahead of Arjun Moottoosamy (30.394) and Devin Joyce (30.544).

  1. Leona Jones (CAISC)
  2. Arjun Moottoosamy (Arrows)
  3. Devin Joyce (HIRC)

Seniors 1000m

Lachlan Hay grabbed his first title of the Australian Championships when he won the 1000m in 1:39.533 ahead of Pierre Boda (1:39.555) and Alex Bryant (1:39.895). It was Hay’s first title since 2012 and a strong sign he is back in form. Keanu Blunden showed his acrobatic skills when he almost fell half way through the race. He made the best recovery of the competition to get back upright and close in on the pack to finish fourth.

  1. Lachlan Hay (OSF)
  2. Pierre Boda (OSF)
    3. Alex Bryant (OSF)

Masters 1000m

The Masters 1000m got off to a fast start with Danny Kah taking the lead before handing it over to Herbie Labiche. With 500m to go Scott Weekes made his move and grabbed an unassailable lead to win in 1:53.879. Labiche pushed hard down the last straight but couldn’t quite catch his younger rival, finishing second in 1:53.924. Danny Kah was third in 1:54.129. Tim Davids was fourth.

  1. Scott Weekes (Arrows)
  2. Herbie Labiche (Roos)
  3. Danny Kah (OSF)

Juniors 1500m

In the endurance race for juniors, Jonathan Lam lead for much of the first half of the race. With eight laps to go, Josh Kah powered from sixth to first in one move, leaving his competitors in his wake. Kah and Lam went to and fro from the top spot but it was Kah who was in front on the bell lap and kept the lead to win in 2:55.257. Lam was second in 2:55.356 ahead of Jordan Attwood in 2:56.013.

  1. Joshua Kah (OSF)
  2. Jonathan Lam (Arrows)
  3. Jordan Attwood (OSF)

Subjuniors 1000m

Kieran Guan took the lead early with Chloe Tan, Edison Lam and Ethan de Rose hot on his heels. Reminiscent of the last race, de Rose went from last to first in one move half way through the race and won comfortably in 1:45.199. Guan was second in 1:48.114 and Tan was third in 1:49.471.

  1. Ethan de Rose (CAISC)
  2. Edison Lam (Arrows)
  3. Kieran Guan (Arrows)

Seniors 3000m

In an eight-man super final of the 3000m, Lachlan Hay was the best performing Aussies, placing second in 5:12.768. At the 18 lap mark and with bonus points on offer, Olympians Pierre Boda and Hay were neck and neck but Boda just snuck ahead of Hay to grab the points. The push for the points hurt Boda however and he dropped off the pace in the second half of the race, eventually finishing fifth. With three laps to go it was a race between Hay and Zachary Biggs but it was the New Zealander who emerged victorious, winning in 5:12.517. Jason Clague was third in 5:14.286.

  1. Zachary Biggs (HIRC)
  2. Lachlan Hay (OSF)
    3. Jason Clague (HIRC)

Masters 3000m

Danny Kah and Herbie Labiche got off to a blistering start in the Masters 3000m – both eyeing the 18 lap bonus points. Endurance specialist Kah took the points in a tight fight with Labiche. Kah showed no sign of slowing down in the second half of the race and took his first title of the championships. Scott Weekes was second and Michael Attwood was third. Labiche suffered from his early speed and skated through apparent back pain to finish in final position.

  1. Danny Kah (OSF)
  2. Scott Weekes (Arrows)
  3. Michael Attwood (OSF)

Midgets 777m

In an exact replica of the 333m race earlier in the day, Michiel Van Heyningen was the winner of the 777m in 1:25.409. Christian Tan was second in 1:31.531 and Charley Huang was third in 1:32.571.

  1. Michiel Van Heyningen (CAISC)
  2. Christian Tan (Arrows)
  3. Charley Huang (Arrows)

Nippers 500m

New Zealand’s Leona Jones won the Nippers 500m title in 1:05.472 ahead of Arjun Moottoosamy (1:06.160) and Devin Joyce (1:07.151).

  1. Leona Jones (CAISC)
  2. Arjun Moottoosamy (Arrows)
  3. Devin Joyce (HIRC)

Masters 3000m Relay

With a guest appearance from the elite team’s head coach Anthony Barthell, the Olympic Southern Flyers took top honours in the Masters 3000m relay. The second OSF team were second and rounded out in third by the Sydney Speed Skating Club.

  1. OSF 1 (Anthony Barthell, Michael Attwood, Russell Collins, Danny Kah)
  2. OSF 2 (Melissa Kah, Sashen Chetty, George Fabian,Ray Wilby)
  3. SSS (Brett Throssell, Marianne Reece, Chris Robson, Alison Throssell)

Seniors 5000m Relay

The Olympic Southern Flyers dominated the senior 5000m relay, taking first place ahead of the Arrows 1 team who were second, with CAISC third.

  1. OSF (Lachlan Hay, Pierre Boda, Alex Bryant, Skyler Kah)
  2. Arrows 1 (Keanu Blunden, Luke Cullen, Liam O’Brien, Denali Blunden)
  3. CAISC (Ethan de Rose, Mark McCormack, Christopher Jarden, Benjamin Whiteside)
  4. HIRC (Jason Clague, Lotte Kaars, Zachary Biggs, Mikayla Biggs
  5. Arrows 2 (Scott Weekes, Ian Qu, Sinead Fogarty, Michael Pickup)