2016 Australian Open Championships Race Report – Day 1 Session 1


The first session of the 2015 Australian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships has wrapped up at the Canterbury Ice Rink in Sydney. The highlight of the morning’s racing was the tightly fought seniors 1500m final, a strategic race that saw New Zealand’s Zachary Biggs emerge victorious.

Nipper Ladies 333m

The first final of the Championships was the Nipper Ladies 333m and was taken out by Choa Jung from Sydney Speed Skating Club. Choa’s club mate Eunjin Serena Ha was second ahead of the Olympic Southern Flyers’ Billie Russell in third.

  1. Choa Jung (SSA) – 47.852
  2. Eunjin Serena Ha (SSS) – 48.077
  3. Billie Russell (OSF) – 48.405

Nipper Men 333m

In the men’s nippers 333m, New Zealand’s Luke Street was the winner in 45.347 ahead of Symon Alha from Arrows and Jian Jung from Sydney Speed Skating Club.

  1. Luke Street (CAISC) – 45.347
  2. Symon Alha (Arrows) – 45.713
  3. Jian Jung (SSS) – 46.877

Midget Men 500m

Christian Tan took an early lead in the midget men’s 500m race but was chased down by Huiwon Sam Lee from Sydney Speed Skating Club who took the win ahead of Christian, with Western Australia’s Felix Sutton third.

  1. Huiwon Sam Lee (SSS) – 52.339
  2. Christian Tan (Arrows) – 52.437
  3. Felix Sutton (WFIRC) – 56.676

Midget Ladies 500m

New Zealand’s Amelia Sykes held a resounding lead throughout the midget ladies’ 500m A final, taking out the race in 57.599 seconds. Annie Le and Leona Jones jostled for the next two spots throughout the race however a fall from Leona saw her finish in fourth position. Hannah Taleb didn’t have the best start to the race but held strong to finish in third.

  1. Amelia Sykes (CAISC) – 57.599
  2. Annie Le (Arrows) – 1:02.094
  3. Hannah Taleb (Arrows) – 1:05.891 

Junior Ladies 1000m

The junior ladies’ 1000m was an extremely close one, with nothing between the top three racers for most of the race, with New Zealand’s Mikayla Biggs just breaking through for the win ahead of Arrows’ Chloe Tan and Penny Burridge from Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club in New Zealand.

  1. Mikayla Biggs (HIRC) – 1:49.877
  2. Chloe Tan (Arrows) – 1:50.367
  3. Penny Burridge (CAISC) – 1:50.457

Subjunior Men 777m

Kieran Guan had a great start in the subjunior men’s 777m race however he couldn’t hold off a fast finishing Ethan De Rose from Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club who made a successful challenge and took the lead and the win. Sydney Arrows’ Edison Lam was third.

  1. Ethan De Rose (CAISC) – 1:27.055
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows) – 1:28.335
  3. Edison Lam (Arrows) – 1:32. 304

Seniors 1500m

Always a strategic race, the senior 1500m A final did not disappoint, with fast racing, thrills and spills. New Zealand’s Zachary Biggs led for most of the race and, with two laps to go, held off a strong challenge from Arrows’ Keanu Blunden. Keanu was forced to settle for second ahead of his brother Denali Blunden who was third.

  1. Zachary Biggs (HIRC) – 2:25.380
  2. Keanu Blunden (Arrows) – 2:26.239
  3. Denali Blunden (Arrows) – 2:28.067

Masters 1500m

The A final of the masters 1500m saw Michael Attwood from the Olympic Southern Flyers take the win just a fraction ahead of his OSF club mate Sashen Chetty. Western Australia’s Frank Anderson was third.

  1. Michael Attwood (OSF) – 2:50.549
  2. Sashen Chetty (OSF) – 2:51.852
  3. Frank Anderson (WFIRC) – 3:03.06 

Midgets 2000m Relay

  1. Sydney Arrows Ice Racing Club 1 (Christian Tan, Annie Le, Arjun Mootoosamy, Symon Alha) – 3:41.655
  2. Sydney Speed Skating Club (Sam Lee, Choa Jung, Sophia Moon, Serena Ha) – 3:43.562
    3. Sydney Arrows Ice Racing Club 2 (Hannah Taleb, Jason Huyang, Luke Hasbani, Clora Cho) – 4:29.082

Juniors 3000m Relay

  1. Sydney Arrows Ice Racing Club (Jonathan Lam, Kieran Guan, Edison Lam, Denali Blunden) – 4:45.410
  2. Olympic Southern Flyers (Max Solin, Josh Kah, Katie Fabian, Steph Fabian) – 5:02.114

Masters 3000m Relay

  1. Olympic Southern Flyers (Michael Attwood, Sashen Chetty, Danny Kah, Melissa Kah) – 5:00.20
  2. Sydney Speed Skating Club 2 (Peter Vanderhost, Brett Throssell, Alison Throssell, Robert Black) – 5:45.00
  3. Sydney Speed Skating Club 1 (Chris Robson, Marianne Reece, Mark Radics, Damian Macey) – 6:27.30