2016 Australian Open Short Track Championships – Day 1 Session 2


The second session at the 2016 Australian Championships saw some exciting racing with a number of the young athletes picking up their second consecutive wins for the day. Keanu Blunden also took out an exciting senior 500m final.

Junior Ladies 500m

Hauraki Ice Racing Club went one-two in the junior ladies’ 500m, the first finals race of the session. Mikayla Biggs won her second race of the day having taken out the 1000m race in the morning’s session. Her club mate Lily Taitimu was second whilst Olympic Southern Flyers skater Katie Fabian was third.

  1. Mikayla Biggs (HIRC) – 48.972
  2. Lily Taitimu (HIRC) – 49.617
  3. Katie Fabian (OSF) – 49.759

Subjunior Men 333m

New Zealand’s Ethan De Rose picked up his second win of the day when he took out the subjunior men’s 333m, adding to his title from the 777m earlier in the day. Sydney Arrows skater Kieran Guan was just a whisker behind Ethan for second place whilst Malaysian skater Muhammad Ameer Iman Mohamad was third.

  1. Ethan De Rose (CAISC) – 32.081
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows) – 32.459
  3. Muhammad Ameer Iman Mohamad (ISAM) – 35.140

Midget Ladies 222m

Amelia Sykes made it two from two on the first day of competition, adding the 222m title to her 500m from earlier in the day. Malaysia’s Bryna Ng was second just ahead of Leona Jones from Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club.

  1. Amelia Sykes (CAISC) – 26.618
  2. Bryna Ng (ISAM) – 28.882
  3. Leona Jones (CAISC) – 28.964

Midget Men 222m

Christian Tan’s strong start that couldn’t quite win him the 500m race earlier in the day, saw him win the sprint 222m. The Sydney Arrows skater narrowly edged out Huiwon Sam Lee from Sydney Speed Skating Club whilst West Australian Felix Sutton was third.

  1. Christian Tan (Arrows) – 24.388
  2. Huiwon Sam Lee (SSS) – 24.699
  3. Felix Sutton (WFIRC) – 25.906

Nipper Ladies 111m

Choa Jung from Sydney Speed Skating Club won her second race at the 2016 Championships, taking out the nipper ladies 111m. Billie Russell, who was third earlier in the day in the 333m, went one better to place second in the 111m. Sydney Arrows skater Clora Cho was third.

  1. Choa Jung (SSS) – 16.901
  2. Billie Russell (OSF) – 17.838
  3. Clora Cho (Arrows) – 18.132

Nipper Men 111m

It was a Sydney Arrows domination in the nipper men’s 111m, with the local club going one-two-three in the A final. Jason Huyang crossed first just ahead of Symon Alha with Aron Fu rounding out the top three.

  1. Jason Huyang (Arrows) – 17.464
  2. Symon Alha (Arrows) – 17.808
  3. Aaron Fu (Arrows) – 18.483

Seniors 500m

A dramatic senior 500m final saw Keanu Blunden win in style after coming up on the inside mid-way through the race to dominate to the finish line. A crash just before the finish line caused confusion but saw second and third places go to Jason Clague and Joshua Kah respectively.

  1. Keanu Blunden (Arrows) – 43.323
  2. Jason Clague (HIRC) – 43.686
  3. Joshua Kah (OSF) – 44.507

Masters 500m

Australian Ice Racing president Frank Anderson took out top honours in the Masters 500m, winning in 50.960 seconds. Olympic Southern Flyers skaters Sashen Chetty and George Fabian took second and third places.

  1. Frank Anderson (WFIRC) – 50.960
  2. Sashen Chetty (OSF) – 51.499
  3. George Fabian (OSF) – 53.199

Subjunior 3000m Relay

  1. Sydney Arrows Ice Racing Club 1 (Kieran Guan, Edison Lam, Vicko Poon, Christian Tan) – 4:55.890
  2. Canterbury Alpine Ice Skating Club (Ethan De Rose, Michiel Van Heynigan, Penny Burridge, Amelia Sykes) – 4:57.442
    3. Olympic Southern Flyers (Max Solin, Ryan Justice, JB Donnelly, Kelly Murphy) – 5:16.743