2016 Australian Open Short Track Championships – Day 2 Session 3

The 2016 Australia Open Championships have wrapped up at Canterbury Ice Rink in Sydney, with 17 action-packed events. Amelia Sykes and Mikayla Biggs maintained their perfect record in the individual races whilst the open 5000m relay provided the exciting finish to the Championships, with Sydney Arrows 2 taking the win.

Junior Ladies 777m

Mikayla Biggs was just too good in the junior ladies 777m final, controlling the race from the starter’s gun to the finish line. The other three skaters formed a tight pack and despite the best efforts from Chloe Tan and Katie Fabian, they could get past Hauraki’s Lily Taitimu.

  1. Mikayla Biggs (HIRC) – 1:17.230
  2. Lily Taitimu (HIRC) – 1:18.567
  3. Chloe Tan (Arrows) – 1:18.659

Subjunior Men 500m

Kieran Guan got a strong start in the subjunior men’s 500m race but, in a repeat of yesterday’s 777m race, CASIC’s Ethan De Rose mowed him down and crossed the line for first. Kieran was second ahead of Arrows teammate Edison Lam.

  1. Ethan De Rose (CAISC) – 48.849
  2. Kieran Guan (Arrows) – 47.738
  3. Edison Lam (Arrows) – 50.025

Midget Ladies 333m

New Zealand’s Amelia Sykes produced three strong and consistent laps to win the midget ladies 333m, her third individual title of the Championships. Annie Le and Bryna Ng took second and third respectively.

  1. Amelia Sykes (CAISC) – 37.736
  2. Annie Le (Arrows) – 39.130
  3. Bryna Ng (ISAM) – 41.492

Midget Men 333m

Christian Tan produced a strong race to win the midget men’s 333m despite a very convincing challenge from Huiwon Sam Lee who came incredibly close to clinching the win on the finish line.

  1. Christian Tan (Arrows) – 34.973
  2. Huiwon Sam Lee (SSS) – 35.118
  3. Felix Sutton (WFIRC) – 37.845

Nipper Ladies 222m

Clora Cho and Choa Jung were in a tight tussle for first and second place throughout both laps of the nipper ladies 222m. Ultimately it was Choa who pushed through for line honours with Clora second and Serena Ha third.

  1. Choa Jung (SSS)
  2. Clora Cho (Arrows)
  3. Eunjin Serena Ha (SSS)

Nipper Men 222m

Symon Alha won the nipper men’s 222m in a strong race against Jian Jung. Luke Hasbani from Arrows was penalized whilst Jason Huyang, also from Arrows, skated to third place.

  1. Symon Alha (Arrows) – 31.904
  2. Jian Jung (SSS) – 32.037
  3. Jason Huyang (Arrows) – 32.982

Seniors 1000m

The senior 1000m A final saw brothers Keanu and Denali Blunden get off to a strong start and work together to keep ahead of their opponents. Denali was unable to hold his position however, pushed out by Jason Clague and Josh Kah who went on to finish second and third. The race belonged to Keanu though, winning every lap to take out the race in style.

  1. Keanu Blunden (Arrows) – 1:33.801
  2. Jason Clague (HIRC) – 1:35.371
  3. Joshua Kah (OSF) – 1:38.387

Masters 1000m

George Fabian got off to a strong start in the A final of the masters’ 1000m but he couldn’t hold the lead for long, with his Olympic Southern Flyers teammate Sashen Chetty motoring to the lead. Sashen underook an epic battle with Michael Attwood for the remainder of the race, both determined to cross the line first as they went head to head for close on 500m. Eventually it was Michael that took top honours with Sashen second. WA’s Frank Anderson was third.

  1. Michael Attwood (OSF) – 1:45.701
  2. Sashen Chetty (OSF) – 1:46.84
  3. Frank Anderson (WFIRC) – 1:50.120

Junior Ladies 1500m

A very slow start set up a strategic race in the junior ladies’ 1500m. New Zealand’s Penny Burridge took an early lead but after a few laps out the front, dropped right off the pace to the back of the pack. It was the powerful Hauraki combination of Lily Taitimu and Mikayla Biggs who took advantage of the lead although Lily was overtaken by a fast finishing Katie Fabian who finished second behind Mikayla.

  1. Mikayla Biggs (HIRC) – 2:54.293
  2. Katie Fabian (OSF) – 2:56.172
  3. Lily Taitimu (HIRC) – 2:58.390

Subjunior Men 1000m

Ethan De Rose won the subjunior men’s 1000m in an exciting race that saw him edge out Sydney Arrows skater Edison Lam. A crash half way through the race cost Kieran Guan his second place but he still managed third with Malaysia’s Muhammad Ameer Iman Mohamad fourth after an earlier crash.

  1. Ethan De Rose (CAISC) – 1:40.648
  2. Edison Lam (Arrows) – 1:46.873
  3. Kieran Guan (Arrows) – 1:59.699

Seniors 3000m

Denali Blunden took his first individual title win of the Championships, taking out the senior 3000m. The 7-man straight final saw a number of changes in the lead but Denali held strong to take the win ahead of Jason Clauge and Keanu Blunden. The bonus points for the two power laps were taken by Josh Kah and Keanu.

  1. Denali Blunden (Arrows) – 5:28.110
  2. Jason Clague (HIRC) – 5:28.516
  3. Keanu Blunden (Arrows) – 5:35.174

Masters 3000m

Michael Attwood took his second win of the day when he won the Masters 3000m final. Attwood and Sashen Chetty were again close adversaries for much of the race, each taking one lap for bonus points each.

  1. Michael Attwood (OSF)
  2. Sashen Chetty (OSF)
  3. Frank Anderson (WFIRC)

Midget Ladies 777m

Amelia Sykes locked in another convincing win in the midget ladies’ 777m, her fourth individual win. Amelia was chased by Annie Le from Sydney Arrows who gave a strong performance to finish second. Canterbury’s Leona Jones was third.

  1. Amelia Sykes (CAISC) – 1:30.633
  2. Annie Le (Arrows) – 1:38.472
  3. Leona Jones (CAISC) – 1:41.654

Midget Men 777m

In the midget men’s 777m, Huiwon Sam Lee and Christian Tan battled it out for first place for much of the race, before both were penalised for action which saw Christian fall close to the finish. Felix Sutton crossed for first ahead of New Zealand’s Aleksandr Kudriavtcev who was second. No third place was awarded.

  1. Felix Sutton (WFIRC) – 1:33.852
  2. Aleksandr Kudriavtcev (DISC) – 1:35.995

Nipper Ladies 500m

Billie Russell took off at the start of the nipper ladies 500m like she had an outboard motor on board. The smallest in the field, Billie held her considerable lead throughout the whole race to win convincingly. It was a tight pack of three battling it out for the minor placings, with Clora Cho and Serena Ha taking second and third respectively.

  1. Billie Russell (OSF) – 1:10.214
  2. Clora Cho (Arrows) – 1:11.982
  3. Eunjin Serena Ha (SSS) – 1:12.927

Nipper Men 500m

Symon Alha had a strong start but with a lap or two to go was tiring considerably, and Canterbury’s Luke Street saw this and used it to his advantage, taking him down to grab the win. Jason Huyang had a fast finish to come third.

  1. Luke Street (CAISC) – 1:07.775
  2. Symon Alha (Arrows) – 1:09.937
  3. Jason Huyang (Arrows) – 1:14.577

Open Relay 5000m

  1. Arrows 2 (Keanu Blunden, Denali Blunden, Luke Cullen, Liam O’Brien) – 7:28.578
  2. HIRC (Jason Clague, Chris Jardon, Lily Taitimu, Mikayla Biggs) – 7:40.011
  3. CAISC (Ethan De Rose, Michael Van Heynigan, Ben Whiteside, Nic Lawrence) – 7:45.192