2017 Duke Trophy race reports

Duke Trophy day 2

New South Wales have won bragging rights for the next 12 months, taking top honours in the 2017 Duke Trophy.

The senior 1000m final saw a tactical race play out with a number of changes of leadership. It looked to be a repeat podium finish of the event’s earlier races with Keanu Blunden taking the win, until Victoria’s Josh Kah was penalised for impeding, bumping Michael Pickup into second place. In the 3000m super final, Danny Kah was the first athlete to make a play for the lead, about half way through the race. The Victorian couldn’t hold the lead however, and with two laps to go it was a tight battle between Blunden and Kah. Blunden emerged victorious with Kah in second and Pickup in third.

Jonathan Lam continued his strong form with another win in the Juniors A 777m, dominating the race to edge out brother Edison. Lam was forced to settle for second in the 1500m however, with NSWteammate Denali Blunden taking the win.

Kieran Guan picked up his third consecutive individual win, taking out the Juniors B 1000m super final. The 500m race earlier in the day however belonged to Hulwon Sam Lee (NSW).

Pocket rocket Arjun Mootoosamy took his first individual win of the event, taking out the Junior C 333m. He was third in the 777m however, behind Luke Zellif (WA) and Sophia Moon (NSW).

Tim Davids was again too good for his Masters competitors, taking honours for the sunshine state in both the 777m and 1500m.

In an exciting addition to the day, a 500m match race was held for the top two skaters from the Senior and Junior A divisions. It was an all-NSW race with Keanu Blunden taking out the sprint race. Event sponsor Hoju Pacific Tour, provided the prize of a pair of Sam Duck skates to the value of $2,000.

Best and fairest was awarded to Tim Davids; the Spirit of the Duke was awarded to Sarah Adcock; Corbyn Russell was the most improved male skater whilst Katie Fabian was the most improved female skater.

The top three results from the final session’s races are as follows:

Masters 777m

1. Tim Davids (QLD) 1:12.751
2. Herbie Labiche (QLD) 1:27.958
3. Frank Anderson (WA) 1:28.312

Seniors 1000m

1. Keanu Blunden (NSW) 1:41.919
2. Michael Pickup (NSW) 1:43.298
3. Danny Kah (VIC) 1:43.401

Juniors A 777m

1. Jonathan Lam (NSW) 1:18.512
2. Edison Lam (NSW) 1:18.729
3. Denali Blunden (NSW) 1:18.951

Juniors B 500m

1. Hulwon Sam Lee (NSW) 53.316
2. Vicko Poon (NSW) 53.637
3. Jean-Baptiset Donnelly (VIC) 53.745

Juniors C 333m

1. Arjun Mootoosamy (NSW) 38.518
2. Luke Zellif (WA) 38.765
3. Sophia Moon (NSW) 40.618

Masters 1500m

1. Tim Davids (QLD) 2:42.318
2. Michael Attwood (VIC) 2:43.500
3. Frank Anderson (WA) 2:48.818

Seniors 3000m

1. Keanu Blunden (NSW) 5:31.983
2. Michael Pickup (NSW) 5:37.524
3. Danny Kah (VIC) 5:44.935

Juniors A 1500m

1. Denali Blunden (NSW) 2:32.725
2. Jonathan Lam (NSW) 2:32.876
3. Cici Wang (VIC) 2:37.553

Juniors B 1000m

1. Kieran Guan (NSW) 1:43.020
2. Ryan Justice (VIC) 1:45.938
3. Jean-Baptiste Donnelly (VIC) 1:54.875

Juniors C 777m

1. Luke Zellif (WA) 1:35.026
2. Sophia Moon (NSW) 1:37.929
3. Arjun Mootoosamy (NSW) 1:38.179

Masters 3000m Relay

1. VIC – 5:11.538
2. QLD – 5:12.987
3. WA/VIC Mixed – 5:31.465

Seniors 5000m Relay
1. NSW – 7:45.275
2. VIC – 7:58.368
3. QLD – 8:27.877

Juniors A 3000m Relay

1. NSW – 4:43.730
2. VIC – 4:55.720


Competition continued in the 2017 Duke Trophy this evening with finals in the sprint distance races.

Queensland’s Tim Davids was again impressive in the Masters division, picking up his second win of the day, ahead of Frank Anderson and Herbie Labiche.

In the Junior A division, Jonathan Lam improved from his second place in this morning’s 1000m to win the 500m. Kieran Guan of NSW and WA’s Luke Zelliff also took another win each in their Junior races. The Senior 500m played out exactly as the 1000m did earlier in the day, with Keanu Blunden taking the win ahead of Josh Kah and Michael Pickup.

The final session of races will take place on Sunday morning from 8.15am.

The top three results from the second session’s races are as follows:

Masters 500m

  1. Tim Davids (QLD) 50.280
  2. Frank Anderson (WA) 50.881
  3. Herbie Labiche (QLD) 51.089

Seniors 500m

  1. Keanu Blunden (NSW) 43.839
  2. Josh Kah (VIC) 44.987
  3. Michael Pickup (NSW) 47.416

Juniors A 500m

  1. Jonathan Lam (NSW) 48.274
  2. Julius Raya (QLD) 49.127
  3. Katie Fabian (VIC) 51.179

Juniors B 333m

  1. Kieran Guan (NSW) 33.126
  2. Vicko Poon (NSW) 34.608
  3. Ryan Justice (VIC) 34.711

Juniors C 222m

  1. Luke Zellif (WA) 27.900
  2. Sophia Moon (NSW) 28.800
  3. Arjun Mootoosamy (NSW) 28.987

Junior B 3000m Relay

  1. NSW – 5.14.266
  2. VIC – 5.29.550
  3. QLD – 6.49.613

Seniors 3000m Relay

  1. NSW – 4.32.328
  2. VIC – 4.40.059
  3. QLD – 4.53.855


The 65th annual Duke Trophy short track speed skating event got underway at Sydney’s Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink today.

Athletes from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia were in action competing for their state’s bragging rights. Wins from brothers Keanu and Denali Blunden as well as Kieran Guan, look to have given NSW an early advantage. With many races still to go however, there is plenty of opportunity for the other states.

Competition continues this afternoon from 5.30pm and again on Sunday morning from 8.15am.

The top three results from the first session’s races are as follows:

Masters 1000m

  1. Tim Davids (QLD) 1:46.412
  2. Herbie Labiche (QLD) 1:46.998
  3. Michael Attwood (VIC) 1:48.300

Seniors 1500m

  1. Keanu Blunden (NSW) 2:41.182
  2. Josh Kah (VIC) 2:41.483
  3. Michael Pickup (NSW) 2:42.836

Juniors A 1000m

  1. Denali Blunden (NSW) 1:43.296
  2. Jonathan Lam (NSW) 1:43.571
  3. Edison Lam (NSW) 1:44.189

Juniors B 777m

  1. Kieran Guan (NSW) 1:16.013
  2. Ryan Justice (VIC) 1:18.123
  3. Hulwon Sam Lee (NSW) 1:24.439

Juniors C 500m

  1. Luke Zellif (WA) 58.447
  2. Arjun Mootoosamy (NSW) 1:00.860
  3. Eunjim Serena Ha (NSW) 1:03.845

 Juniors A 3000m Relay

  1. NSW – 4:35.559
  2. VIC – 4:36.560

Juniors B 3000m Relay

  1. VIC – 5:32.702
  2. QLD – 6:32.490
  3. NSW – PEN

Juniors C 2000m Relay

  1. NSW – 4:13.069
  2. QLD / WA – 4:38.667