Short Track Excellence Program (STEP)

Australian Ice Racing (AIR) is committed to the continuous development and improvement of all skaters within its Athlete Pathway. As opposed to facilitating a development program in only quadrennial Olympic cycles, AIR undertakes to provide a continuing program that aims to insert developing athletes into appropriate development groups to enhance their performance base; the ultimate goal being to represent Australia on the world stage, and bringing out the best possible performances for the Australian team and the individual.

The Australian Ice Racing Short Track Excellence Program (AIR STEP) will be the model to guide the athlete along the excellence pathway to represent Australia on the world stage of short track speed skating. This program is coordinated and controlled by AIR and supported in partnership with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA). The head of the day to day program known as AIR STEP will be the appointed National Short Track Coach.

In providing opportunity, AIR aims to support the developing elite athlete by:

  • Providing a challenging program of training opportunities that push the athlete to achieve results at a higher level;
  • Supporting athletes with exposure to training with current and former international standard athletes to improve individual and team performances for Australia, not only on the ice, but also off the ice;
  • Access to experienced coaching staff who have strong backgrounds in exercise physiology to promote recovery and growth in the high-performance athlete
  • Supporting athletes to explore international development competition opportunities outside of World Cup or World Championship events, aimed at the developing athlete;
  • Placing a focus on a team-based ethos towards Australian success
  • Building behaviours that promote excellence, not only in the sporting arena, but in the personal lives of the athletes.

Please read the full STEP document to consider if you wish to be part of the program. Short Track Excellence Program

Application Form: AIR STEP Application Form

Fees: Full training commitment – $500 per calendar month. Other fee arrangements can be negotiated for ad-hoc training opportunities and dedicated camp activities.


Andy Jung (VIC)
Keanu Blunden (NSW)
Josh Kah (VIC)
Liam O’Brien (NSW)
Denali Blunden (NSW)
Skyler Kah (VIC)
Luke Cullen (NSW)


Ryan Justice (VIC)
Jonathan Lam (NSW)
Siyu Wang (VIC)
Katie Fabian (VIC)
Stephanie Fabian (VIC)
Max Solin (VIC)
Julius Raya (QLD)

WORLD CUP TEAM 2018/2019 – Full qualification
Keanu Blunden – NSW
Liam O’Brien – NSW
Josh Kah – VIC
Andy Jung – VIC
Deanna Lockett – QLD
Partial Qualification
Skyler Kah – VIC
Denali Blunden – NSW

Josh Kah – VIC
Denali Blunden – NSW
Jonathan Lam – NSW
Kieran Guan – NSW
Siyu Wang – VIC
Katie Fabian – VIC
Chloe Tan – NSW
Stephanie Fabian – VIC